bronwyn averett professional

Hello. You’ve reached the internet home of Bronwyn Averett, certified book doctor and reading expert.

Dr. Averett is currently caught under a hefty pile of literature that, quite frankly, is not going to read itself. But if you’d like to leave a message, feel free to do so after the beep.


Aside from her professional duties as editor and translator here in Montreal, Bronwyn can also be found on the masthead at carte blanche. Along with Sufia Duez, she produces a musical/literary series called INVENTIONS, which incorporates improvised music and writing in a series of live performances. She is also involved in literary programming for the Blue Metropolis international literary festival.

She has written in other places as well, and generally reviews books when asked either nicely or compellingly. Ideally, both.

She holds a PhD in French and an M.A. in African Languages and Literature, and you can read about her doctoral dissertation and other academic writing here if you’re curious.

When she tires of books (which is almost never), she cooks food, plays music, explores the sights of this ever delightful city, and hangs out with her family — a very distracting trio that includes a large philosopher and two very small ones.

Thanks for calling. See you soon.


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