bronwyn averett professional

Hello. You’ve reached the internet home of Bronwyn Averett, certified book doctor and reading expert.

Dr. Averett is currently caught under a hefty pile of literature that, quite frankly, is not going to read itself. But if you’d like to leave a message, feel free to do so after the beep.


Bronwyn is the lead concept writer at Montreal-based multimedia studio Moment Factory.  She has occupied various literary roles in Montreal, serving as fiction editor for the wonderful carte blanche, and working in one way for another for the Blue Metropolis international literary festival since 2014. (More about that here.)

She has also written about her reading life for a variety of publications, and generally reviews books when asked either nicely or compellingly.

Ideally, both.

B, (as she is called en famille) holds a PhD in French and an MA in African Languages and Literature, and you can read about her doctoral dissertation and other academic writing here if you’re curious.

When she tires of books (which is almost never), she can be found hanging out with a delightful trio that includes one large philosopher and two small children. She also plays music, takes long walks through the city, reads Tarot, writes 5-to-6-word poems on public transport, actively avoids the Internet, and adopts overly affected Elizabethan speech patterns when she wants to yell at her kids but would rather resort to farce (a trait she picked up from her mother…and probably also John Cleese).

Thanks for calling. See you soon.

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