because it was there…

Hi, how are you today? I’m fine, you know, surviving the sudden blizzard, rocking some Boubacar Traoré, and…oh yeah…wait…not fine at all – eating puréed lentils!!!

Why, you ask?

Gentle reader, (is that phrase trademarked? can I use that?) because I lost my mind for about five minutes and decided that lentil soup was fine, but puréed lentil soup would be better. That it would be creamy and soupy and wintery and delightful.

It is freaking baby food, gentle reader. Baby food.

And if you’re into that kind of thing, I have the recipe for you! But the rest of us will be over here, eating a hot, steaming plate of ANYTHING BUT THAT.

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Emma, russian dolls, and oat scones

The charming and talented Emma P. is visiting from Russia…via Germany…via Appleton WI… We don’t have much to do out here in the sticks, but who needs stuff to do when there’s about a year’s worth of catching up at hand?* Long walks in the woods, lots of baking, and fantastic stories about daily life in Moscow are definitely winning out over playing tour guide.**

This morning, in celebration of it being Saturday and the likelihood of rain, I threw together my favorite scone recipe.*** This is a great one, because you can use it as a palate for anything you want to throw into them. Dried or fresh fruit, maple syrup, whatever.

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