The arctic library

She had forgotten her strict policy of never wearing open toed shoes in college libraries. The seemingly sub-zero temperatures were not exactly a boon to her concentration. She kept falling asleep on her computer keys, waking up three and a half seconds later with dreams of plaid jackets and wool socks left unfinished and dangling over her head. Not the socks. The dreamssszzz…



It was not easy to finish a paper about conceptual islands. They were all turning to icebergs, and her stomach couldn’t take another cup of coffee. She sneezes. Must be pneumonia. Some teenage girl with thick glasses and a tacky engagement ring shoots her a look over the pages of Nervous Conditions. This makes her chuckle slightly, which makes glasses girl role her eyes and bury herself back in the book. She wonders if she looks like a professor yet, chuckling and sneezing to herself behind a laptop in the corner of the library. Perhaps.

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